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Agriculture in India is greatly concerned by adaptation issues as climate change is predicted to have a significant impact on cultural conditions and consequently on food safety. There has been a call for local measures to adapt to climate change and for the participation of local actors. In this context, we used a foresight study framework to discuss changes in agriculture, land and water with farmers in Sorapet (South India). This article presents: the method applied; the changes in this village within the past 10 years; and the three contradictory scenarios for 2040 as discussed with stakeholders. The foresight exercise produced an interesting setting for the dialogue between farmers and researchers which resulted in focusing on issues such as the attachment to agriculture. Participative foresight alongside local stakeholders, as in this study, is new in India.
This experience confirms the usefulness of the attachment approach in promoting alternatives. However, it has to be developed while further questioning its departure from local practices.

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