"Sciences Eaux & Territoires" journal

"Sciences Eaux & Territoires" is a journal of transfer
of knowledge from research to action and decision.

It wants to help decision makers, stakeholders in management of water resources, and landscape management in order to apply the last in their professional practices.

This journal is supported by Irstea, a public research institute on environnemental sciences and technologies.

Originally dedicated to the staff of the French Ministry of Agriculture and his services in region, the public of the journal has been enlarged as it goes along towards technical staff of local authorities.

The journal deals with the following topics : water resources (uses and risks), freshwater systems, quality and pollution, land management, ecotechnologies, rural management among the main subjects. The different 3 or 4 themes treated by year always focus on the inter-disciplinary perspectives of the topic to bring global, synthetic and pratical answers to questions from the professional issues.

 Beyond the 3 or 4 thematic issues published by year, the web site that you visit has been designed as a tool of dialogue and exchanges between researchers and professionals. It tends to collective experience sharing and exchange in the co-construction of knowledge approach. Others contents linked to the activities of technological and scientific watch and foresight studies will be available soon on the web site as it goes along.

 The journal "Sciences Eaux & Territoires" disposes of an editorial board composed of 15 members from various experiences and organisations.

This editorial board meets on a regular basis to evoke the latest scientific results and scientific and technical trends in the environmental area and discuss what the revue "Sciences Eaux & Territoires" should deal with as a theme. It has also the functions of a reading committee, which decides to publish or not the articles written by the researchers, and gives his opinion on the contents of the web site.

The editorial staff can rewrite parts of the articles (and/or add titles) published in the special issues. The changes in the articles are always submitted to the authors before editing.

Finally the editorial staff fills in the different contents of the web site.

 To contact editorial staff : set-revue@irstea.fr